About Us

We’re here to help you be the best parent possible.

Whether you’re just starting or have been parenting for years, we’ve got your back. We know it can be tough when you have a new baby and no idea what to do next. We also feel for you when your baby wants to play with you, and you do not know about the baby’s interest in games. Sometimes you plan to throw a party for your kid, and you are searching here and there for the best ideas and still feel helpless.

We also know that sometimes it feels like everyone else has it figured out–and then there’s you, trying to figure out how to keep your sanity at home while still managing work and life outside the house.

We know you want to give your 100% and find no solution.

That’s why we’re here: no matter where you are on your journey as a parent, we can help you get through it together. Now you can find every solution under one roof.

Our Story

Hi I am Paulina I. Johnson

I remember the first time I held my baby. It was like in the movies, but with a lot more sweat and a lot less swashbuckling.

When I brought him home from the hospital, having this tiny little person in our house was so strange. Like, seriously: we had spent nine months trying to get him out of me, and now he was here!

He was so cute, though—he looked just like all his pictures and had this sweet little gurgle when he cried. But then he started crying a lot more, and I realized I had no idea what to do next. Sure, I was an expert at changing diapers and feeding him bottles (basically just pouring milk into his mouth), but beyond that?

I didn’t know how to keep him entertained or amused while I got things done around the house. And when it came time for bedtime (which is crazy early for babies), I didn’t even know how long he needed to sleep at night or what kind of schedule we should keep up with!

It took me some time to get into a rhythm with my new son. But once we did, life got much easier for us.

I think it’s important to remember that it takes time to get into a rhythm with your baby—and it’s also important to know that this is normal.

If you’re struggling with your new baby, don’t hesitate to ask for help. So many resources are available for new parents and families today—you have to ask!

One of those resources is – Us.

We are here with the solution to your agitated life turning smoother.

I promised myself after my experience to spread my knowledge globally so that new parents or old parents feel good and comfortable.

Our Mission

Pain: Parenting can be overwhelming. There’s no cheat code to being a parent – the best you can do is learn from experience and try your best.

And further, your child, or the child in your care, has special needs because of physical or cognitive impairment.

Agitate: This is where we come in. From connecting with experts and working with parents, we have honed our knowledge, learned from failures, and perfected our model to help parents raise happy kids who are confident and well-rounded individuals. Because we believe that it’s hard to be a good parent because children are challenged. They’re smarter and faster than us, and they never stop moving!

At this platform, you will learn that Parenting encompasses an immeasurable number of things, but these are easy to learn on the fly.

Solution: We share our insights and tips on how to be a better parent on this website.

We’ll show you how to get your kids to eat a healthy diet, sleep well, and learn to clean up after themselves in no time, and many more. You’ll be the best parent ever to your kids before you know it!